What are the benefits of membership?

  • Join a dynamic and active group of homeschooling mommas!

  • Be part of a movement of intentionally creating community for yourself and your children.

  • Have access to all of Miami County Homeschool Co-op activities and events.

    • Community Day (group learning and enrichment with a Charlotte Mason vibe)

    • Swim and park days

    • Field trips and educational events

    • Seasonal parties

    • Mom's Night Out

    • Dad and me events

    • Family events

    • Teen events

    • Other large events such as conferences and dances

  • Soak up the wisdom and experience of other homeschooling mommas who are on this journey with you.​

  • Find and do life with your tribe.

  • Take advantage of group discounts.

What are the requirements of membership?   

  • Agree to mission and vision statements.

  • Pay a yearly member fee through the Co-op website.

  • Complete the online registration form.

  • Be an active member on a team serving at least once per term. 

  • Attend at least one activity or event per term.

  • Be actively engaged in homeschooling with at least one child in grades K-12 and are in compliance with your states homeschooling laws. 

Become a Member

Multi-step Registration Form (1).png

Step 1


This registration form as well as your membership dues are required for membership.

Step 2


Step 3

Wait to get approved.

Step 4

Log in and then scroll down under the Multi-step Registration Form labeled "Step 1" and continue to payment. It will say "logged in as" and your email listed. A drop down menu to accept your credit card information will be below that.

Step 5

Fill out your payment method, your billing address, and click "Buy Now."