2020 - 2021 Community Day

Chelsi, our amazing Community Day Director has worked so hard to prepare an epic Community Day experience for you and your kiddos!

We have new vision, focus, and direction for Community Day and we are so excited to share it with you.

When we began, MCH Co-op was the only organized homeschool group for those south of Johnson County. Now, there are several groups to choose from. This brought us back to the drawing board because we want to meet a need and fill a void in the Miami County homeschool community. We looked at our strengths and the strengths of the other groups and came to the conclusion that we are an enrichment co-op whose primary focus is on creating community.

We know that you spend many hours pouring over curriculum catalogs and making well thought out plans for your homeschool year. You have carefully chosen the best curriculum to fit your child's abilities and learning style. We don't want you or your child to be tied down to curriculum that we choose for you, for you to be able to be part of our community. You have the meat and potatoes covered, but we'd love to be the seasoning.

As homeschoolers our choices are limitless. There is so much truth, beauty, goodness, life, and learning at our fingertips. But too often, we don't make it past the basic 5 subjects. That's okay momma! Those five subjects are the meat and potatoes. Your children are fed. But, what if there was a way to bring in truth (scripture memory and study), beauty (art, music, and nature), goodness (character), soft skills (communication, leadership, teamwork, work ethic, adaptability, .....), lost skills (knot tying, basic carpentry, first aid, needle felting, map skills, .....), hands-on cooperative learning, and fellowship into your homeschool experience? This is what sets Miami County Homeschool Co-op apart.

What sets Miami County Homeschool Co-op apart?

  • We are the only local co-op who's primary focus is on creating community through fellowship.

  • We are the only local Charlotte Mason influenced co-op.

  • We are an enrichment co-op. We aspire to be the seasoning to your meat and potatoes. We will not replace your well thought out curriculum or send home homework. 

  • We are inclusive. However, we are a Christian Co-op. 

  • We offer classes, field trips, educational events, park days, swim days, mom's night outs, family night, seasonal parties, and more!

Big Picture Plans for 2020-2021 Community Day 👇

The pictures below 👇 are actual pictures taken from the lesson plans for this year. Trust me, you aren't going to want to miss this!🙌🤗

Level 1

Level 2